Creative Idea has created packages that are specifically targeted at owners of hotels, guesthouses and overnight apartments. Regardless of whether you offer a holiday at the sea, in the mountains or in peace in nature, your website and advertising must reach people and convey the right message.

Your own website backed by proper positioning in social networks is a guarantee of success. We try to offer both standard and innovative services in this regard to support your business.

Your own website

This is a way of direct contact with your potential customers. Let your imagination run wild and introduce them to the place you offer for accommodation so that they want to come to you. Through your site, you can provide information to your visitors, valuable guidelines, rules, and anything else you desire. You can add employment, promotions and other important things to your site.

Facebook Page

Facebook is widely referred to as "The Social Network". Although there are hundreds of social networks, it is the most widespread in the World. By having your Facebook page, you can communicate with the fans of your accommodation. Also, you have the opportunity to receive reviews (ratings), comments, promotions, and more.

Facebook Groups

There are many groups on Facebook that are dedicated to vacations. Hundreds of people are looking for accommodation there and our team can help promote you by adding comments and referring people to you. Our partners monitor dozens of groups and strive to help people who can eventually become your customers.

Accommodation management

If you wish to receive additional support for your accommodation, you can take advantage of our accommodation management service. It enables our agents to directly provide you with clients. For this to happen, we need to access the accommodation commitment and your terms and conditions. Thus, our agents can offer your hotel, guest house or apartments for overnight stays and engage them at precisely specified times, promptly informing you about it.

Your accommodation website

In addition to being visually pleasing, your site must also be functional. Through our specialized offers, you can have additional extras.

  • information about accommodation – description of rooms/apartments
  • search by date, number of guests and room type
  • possibility of adding different prices for individual rooms, as well as promotions for periods
  • option to pay in advance/reserve holiday via online system
  • add general room rules that guests must agree to before booking
  • admin control panel
  • mobile version/responsive design
  • photo gallery
  • price calculation for a period set by the customer
  • live chat via Facebook/Messenger
  • SSL protection of pages
  • contact form for direct contact with you / contact by phone / Viber
  • hosting / domain / e-mails
Your website can significantly increase interest in your accommodation. Through it, you can ignore the different platforms that take a percentage from you and you have to follow their fee rules and various penalties. You can have a direct connection with your potential customers, increase engagement on Facebook and satisfaction of your visitors.

Prices for hotel website and social popularization

Combining different services gives you the opportunity to make the most of your site and earn more from your business.

Plan Optimum

229GBP / month
  • Mobile / Responsive version
  • SSL Certificate / Cookies / GDPR
  • Premium theme
  • Administration panel
  • Adding information, photos, prices
  • One language - English
  • Home page, Premises, Gallery, Prices, Contacts
  • Secured contact form
  • Calculating the cost after selected period
  • Reservation module
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Live Chat via Messenger
  • Web hosting and domain name (.com / .net / .eu)
  • 4 posts to Facebook each month
  • 50GBP yearly budget for GoogleAds
  • SEO by keywords

* important: website translations are not included in the indicated prices. You can choose several translation options – free (via Google Translate), free (you manually translate each text), paid (translation by software), or paid (translation by a specialist). Send us an inquiry about the prices, as they vary according to the volume of the texts.

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