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Sometimes using accelerators on a site is not enough. It is possible that you purchased a hosting service from the very beginning that was not suitable for your goals, or that they have changed over time. The more information and functionality a website has, the heavier it becomes for the server it is on.

In such a case, your site must be “transferred” from one hosting server to another. This is done in several steps:


All of your site's content is copied to an archive, along with the database it uses. It is kept as is, so it is not recommended to make any changes to the site while it is being migrated/transferred. This will ensure that the transferred site will have the same content as the original.


The copied site is placed on the new server and the files are unzipped. Correct folder and file structure is checked. Site links that are bound to the server are reset, as well as SMTP (email) settings and contact forms.


Before transferring the domain's DNS setting to the new server, the site is tested for proper operation. Often the server settings you have are out of date or redone manually. This means that you must have the same (or better) settings on the new server for your site to work. After testing by our associate, we will provide you with the details of the new server.

Propagation period

After the transfer is complete and the domain's DNS settings are changed, there is a physical time to wait before your site is officially live on the new server. This period can vary but is usually up to 24 hours. During this time, your site is available on both servers and it is also not recommended to make any changes to it.

How much time does the transfer last
Depending on the size (weight) of the site and the complexity of its implementation, the time for its transfer may vary. By default, the transfer and site test can happen within one business day.
Would my website be accessible during the transfer
We do the transfers in a manner that the regular work of the website is not obscured. However, if you have an online store, we suggest that you put it into maintenance mode so there are no new products/orders added during the migration.
What happens to my email during the transfer
When transferring a site from one server to another, it is recommended that this also happens with the emails to the domain. Otherwise, you may lose old information and contacts. Mailboxes are created on the new server and their contents (files) are copied from the old one. After the migration, if you use a program for your e-mail (Outlook, Thunderbird or others), you need to update the connection method to access your mails on the new server.

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