Creative Idea web studio offers professional support for your website and online store. As sites are constantly changing and so are their requirements, we believe that proper maintenance and timely action can save you a lot of money and effort. The maintenance of the sites and online stores consists of updating their modules, reviewing the systems for errors, and consultation for any possible changes and improvements to the content.

Update of modules and themes

If you're using a CMS, we'll check all the modules on your site/online store to make sure it's up-to-date and secure. Module versions and their up-to-dateness are key to a well-functioning and secure site.

Checks for server errors

Your hosting server can also negatively affect the site you are using. We are reviewing his logs for information that may suggest what is causing his negative performance. At the same time, we can offer options for their solution.

Checks for missing elements

Error 404 is common with dynamic sites. It means that you have a link to content that is no longer available on the server, which negatively affects both the loading of your site and its SEO score

Price for maintenance of a website and online store

We know that your online presence is important and maintaining your site is a very serious undertaking. Therefore, we offer to take care of the maintenance of your website or online store on a monthly basis. We can offer the following support prices:
Three Months
55 GBP
Six Months
66 GBP
Nine Months
110 GBP
Twelve Months
132 GBP
How often should a website be maintained?
This is a very specific question that depends on the type of site and the information on it. The more often you add and change information, the more likely it is to need maintenance. On the other hand, the older the information you’ve added, the more likely it is that the site needs a complete revamp and rebuild.
Why do I need to maintain my website?
If you have an online store, blog, news site, classifieds, or company website promoting your business, adding information (products/promotions) is not enough to keep it relevant. The site is a system that needs to be maintained at the server level as well, which usually turns out to be a rather laborious and incomprehensible process. If you use WordPress or other CMS system, updating its modules is absolutely mandatory from a security point of view.
Why should I pay a professional to maintain my website?
Reviewing all information about the status of your site takes time and should be done regularly (at least once a month). We know that for every site owner, their business is the most important thing, and we offer the opportunity to keep your site secure while you focus on what really matters. This gives you the opportunity to think about your customers, goods and services, instead of the problems with your site.
What kind of data we need in order to maintain your website?
Usually, we mainly need access to the administrative part of a site, as it allows to check the statistics of the site and update its modules. To be able to check the server logs, however, we need cPanel access.

All prices are in GBP and without VAT. If you want a subscription for a longer period, you can make an additional inquiry. Prices are final, for CMS sites (OpenCart, WordPress/WooCommerce) that our team has access to. If you wish to support other types of systems, the price is on request. A complete system upgrade is done only for WordPress after creating a backup copy of the database and files. In case of errors after updating the system to a newer version, the old version is returned. Upgrade to another type of CMS such as Magento, OpenCart, Drupal, etc., is done only after a preliminary check by our team and the price is negotiable. Site maintenance does not include updating information, or changing and adding images and code.

The support service includes online stores, personal sites, company, and corporate sites, blogs, forums, and others.

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