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When you have a site, you want it to be discoverable for others. Usually, we all search for information through search engine sites. In order for a site to appear in the database of these specialized catalogs of information, it is necessary to submit information to the search bots. They visit your site, do what’s called indexing, and add the information they find to their database.
What are the bots and what is their purpose?

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and many others contain information on trillions of sites. Their initial task is to bring up a group of sites in response to your search. To get this information into the databases of these sites, they use specialized bots called crawl-bots. They visit your site and start “crawling” it – checking every page related to the menu and internal links on the pages, feeding content information into their database. There are thousands of bots that do the same job and their sole purpose is to crawl your site regularly.

When do the bots visit my website?

It’s important to realize that having trillions of sites means that bots won’t be able to visit your site all the time. Typically, a new site gets indexed in the major search engines after a few months, and this can be a critical period, especially if you don’t want to spend money on advertising. After your site is indexed, some of its content will begin to show up in search, and it is unlikely that you will be positioned on the first few pages.

When the bot sees a link to your site on another site – for example on Facebook, it is very likely to follow it, which will cause it to crawl your site again. If it notices that you have no new information to add to the index, the bot will lower the priority of crawling your site. Since you don’t find it necessary to add new data to your site, there is no reason for the bots to monitor for updates.

How can I make the bots visit my website more often?

The logical conclusion from the previous information is that you should regularly add information to your site. That is why news sites are among the most visited sites in the world. They also have the most up-to-date information when you search for something on Google, for example. You can notice that often the information is updated on the day of the search, which means that the bots regularly visit the site whose information you are looking at.

The second way is to have a lot of links pointing to your site. The so-called link building was popular in the recent past but is currently not recommended as it leads to bad practices. Many sites pay for irrelevant links to their pages, which fools the bots and ultimately leads to unwanted results. For example, it doesn’t make much sense for an auto parts blog to have links to hospital service sites, for example.

How website submission to search engines improves its visibility?
When we talk about the service “adding a site to search engines” it is extremely important to know one thing – search sites cannot be manipulated. No one can guarantee that when they add your site, it will immediately start appearing in higher positions or that the information about it will be updated at the moment. The service of adding a site to search engines notifies various search engines about the existence of your site (if it is new) or about the presence of novelties (if search engines have reduced the search priority).
How to understand whether it is necessary to submit my website to search engines?
The easiest way to test whether your site is regularly visited by search engines is to update some content on it. By adding new content, a page or a post, you are making a change to the structure of your site. When you start seeing this information as a search result in search engines, then the bots have done their job and your site has been re-indexed.
How often do I have to submit my website?
It is a good idea to add your site to the search engines when you launch it, so that it can be indexed as quickly as possible. Also, if you frequently add content but it doesn’t come up in search, it’s a good idea to repeat the addition in search engines so that your site’s review priority can be changed. There is no limit to how often you perform this procedure, but it is good to keep in mind that the results are not instantaneous.
Where is my website submitted?
Your site will be added to more than 40 sites and directories, which would help its indexing and positioning in search, as well as user visits. We add your site to the following global search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, AOL, Excite, Entireweb, GigaBlast, DogPile, WebCrawler, ixQuick and Mamma. Since many small search engines use Google, Yahoo and Bing bots, adding in them is quite enough.

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