Privacy Policy

Your data is not provided to third parties!

Your personal data (ie those you provide us) will only be used by the Creative Idea team and “Ryan Properties” LTD. We undertake not to pass on this data – it is important to us. We may sometimes use external suppliers, but they only work on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions.

We are transparent about how we collect your personal data

On this page you will find all the information about the processing of your personal data: when, how, and where we process your personal data, why we need it, and what your rights are.

Your rights

Providing us with your personal data does not mean that you lose control over it. On the contrary! That’s why:

You have a number of rights that you can exercise. Some of them apply to all types of processing of your personal data, while the exercise of others is made dependent on the basis for processing the latter (eg contract, consent, legal obligation, etc.).

Below you can see a brief description of these rights, as well as under what conditions you could exercise them:

Right of access:

This right allows you to ask us anything you want about your personal data (what it is, how it is collected, where it is stored, etc.). By exercising this right, you could also request from us a copy of all available information that we store about you.

Right to rectification

In certain situations, you may need to update or correct the personal data that you have provided to us. For example, when changing e-mail, correspondence address, and/or contact telephone number.

Right to object

This is your right to say “No!”. By exercising this right, you may refuse to process your personal data or withdraw your consent to this.

Right to erasure(“The right to be forgotten”)

It is your right to delete your personal data and it is completely understandable. The Creative Idea team has no reason to keep your personal data when we no longer need it. All data about you is automatically deleted after the expiration of the storage period specified for the respective type of personal data processing. For example, when ordering a given service and/or expressing a desire to receive an offer, your data is kept for a period of 6 /six/ months after sending the offer.

How can I exercise my rights?

To exercise any of your rights, please send a request to:

The application must contain the following information:
– Introduce yourself and, if necessary, provide an identity document.
– To state the rights you wish to exercise.

E-Newsletter Policy

The e-newsletter is free to sign up for. As your email may be added by third parties, please follow the unsubscribe instructions. The subject matter of the information we send is related to sites, servers, technical details, and services. It is mainly intended for people and businesses who have websites or are planning to get one. The only information we keep about you is that which is necessary for the full functioning of the newsletter, namely – e-mail.

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