Creation of an online store by the Creative Idea digital studio

Creating an online store can be a very complex and lengthy process. We at Creative Idea digital studio have many years of experience in building and developing online stores on any subject. For your e-shop to be successful, it must be:

Beautiful and easy to use

No customer wants to spend too much time trying to find the right product for them or how to complete their order. Filter products by price or other criteria such as color, size, and more

Designed to work for your Business

Design to your liking, sales reports, automatic generation of order responses, ability to change order status and notify the customer, track promotions and manage prices, similar and related products, and ability to add additional languages.

Unlimited products

You can add as many products as you want, make changes, and group them into categories. Administering products from your online store also allows you to exclude a product, put it on sale, or mark it as out of stock. Share on social networks, and add as a favorite product.

Designed for all devices

Responsive design that offers the same functionality and ease of use to your online store on all devices - mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. Because your customers are constantly on the move and your online store should not lose money.

SEO Optimized

Make your online store discoverable for users. Add meta descriptions and keywords to your products, pages, and categories. Protect your store with an SSL security certificate. Possibility of comments, reviews, and evaluation of products by users. Store connection with Google and Facebook to improve marketing and remarketing.

Protected by the SSL

The SSL certificate is the difference between http and https in the site address. This is a module that is installed on the server for the respective domain and encrypts the connection between the end client's browser and the server. Thus, any information (e.g. filling out a contact form) cannot be intercepted by hackers.

Easy payments and shipping

Whether you're only going to offer cash on delivery or bank payments, your online store needs to be set up properly. You can accept card payments through various systems like PayPal, PaySera, Payoneer, and others. Offer different delivery methods, such as couriers, fixed amount for delivery, collection from store/warehouse, free delivery for purchases over a certain amount.

Protected from Hackers and Viruses

Add a special tool to protect your online store from hackers. Thus, any attempt to access your customers' personal information will be nipped in the bud. You will be sure that your online store is protected.

Advantages of the Online Store

The online store does not need manpower to operate and accept orders. Even during non-working hours, your online store will attract people with different internet usage habits and it will work for you.

The online store does not limit you within a given settlement. It is accessible from all corners of the country and the world and you do not need to have offices or a chain of stores to sell your products and services.

If you have a physical store, you must also have enough space to present all the goods you wish to sell, as well as a large enough warehouse. With a few photos and an appropriate description, your online store can offer merchandise that you don’t currently own. Of course, you should notify your customers of this and any delays in orders.

You have no premises taxes or rents, nor salaries and insurances for a large staff. A medium-sized online store can be perfectly serviced by a few people, which in a physical store would require dozens.

You can show your promotion to all visitors to your online store without having to pay attention to each visitor individually. You can communicate with visitors and have easy access to your customer base. It is possible to send a newsletter with information, new products and promotions to remind your visitors about your store.

E-shops are among the most popular way of shopping and advertising at the moment. Globally, it’s a billion-dollar industry. The e-store allows users to browse and compare the items offered in it without leaving their homes or your website. It is also very easy to manipulate and you can post your promotions and announcements to attract an even bigger audience.

An e-store requires a small investment that can turn into a huge profit.

For business owners, an e-store is a convenience. It cuts costs and increases profits by working 24/7.

The difference between having your own online store and posting your products on classifieds and publication sites is that in your online store, the competition is not a click away.

How to have an online store in four easy steps​​

Step 1
Step 1


Creating a strategy for your online business. What to sell and how to sell it.

Step 2
Step 2


Technical preparation of an online store according to the set frames, populating with content, visual refinement.
Step 3
Step 3


Presentation of your online store, along with its functionalities. So it can be tested and approved before it is finally published online.

Step 4
Step 4


SEO, reports, integration of marketing modules, advertising and promotion in search engines.

Price for creating an online store

The cost of the online store is very specific for each type of activity, the complexity of the construction, and the complexity of its implementation. Every online store should contain several components, but you can add more in addition. Some of the additional services that you can add to your online store, for an additional fee, are:

  • Online advertising on Google and Social Media
  • An option for newsletter opt-in
  • Automatic sharing to social media of newly added products (LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Promotion wheel- the visitors enter their email, opting-in for your newsletter and spin a wheel offering a percentage discount from their next order
  • Our team to take care of adding products with their photos, prices, variations and descriptions

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