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Whether you have a business site, an online store, or a blog, the main goal of your site should be to get traffic. The more people that visit your site, the greater the chance that those visitors will become your customers. When SEO optimization just isn’t enough, you might want to turn to paid online advertising. It is a sure way that a large circle of people will see your business or products.

Paid advertising on Google

Google is the largest and most famous search engine in the world. Millions of people use it to search for information every day. It uses search robots to index the content of the sites and thus rank them in search. There are standard 10 results on each page, with Google placing the paid sites at the bottom and top positions. This means that you can have a brand new site that, with paid Google advertising, will even appear on the first page. Google makes it possible for you to display your ads on all of the company's platforms, including YouTube, as well as on partner sites. Affiliate sites are those that provide advertising space. So don't be surprised if your ad appears on any site you visit.

Paid advertising on Yandex

Yandex (Яндекс) is the Russian equivalent of Google. It is primarily for Russian-speaking users or those interested in the Russian market. Like Google, it also offers the option of paid advertising, which automatically shoots your site ahead of the competition. Yandex is tied to the largest Russian information site -, and if you are looking for partners or customers in Russia, you will not go wrong with an advertising campaign here.

Paid advertising on Yahoo!

Yahoo! lost its position as a search engine and gradually became a huge information portal. However, Yahoo! is a preferred search engine in English-speaking countries. The standard operating principle and somewhat selected audience place advertising on Yahoo! suitable for people targeting customers and business partnerships on the Island.

Paid advertising on Social Networks

Social networks - Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others offer huge opportunities due to the large number of people who use them daily. These sites use algorithms to select which users see your ad, and you can filter it by age, gender, social status, interests, and more.

Paid display advertising

Display or banner advertising is suitable for large-scale advertising campaigns. It is publishing your banner/advertising image on a site that has a designated place for it. The site 'spins' your ad along with those of other advertisers, and in most cases, the payment is per 1000 impressions (views/loads) of the image.

The advantages of advertising campaigns in search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Yandex) are that there you pay per click to your site. In other words, your ad can be seen by millions, but if only 100 people click on it, you will only pay for them. Additionally, search engine ads are tailored to the user’s search itself.

Social media ads reach a large number of people and can be filtered. This is how you advertise your product or service to those users who might actually be interested in them.

How much does a campaign cost

The answer to this question is not clear-cut. If you use ads on search sites, you are competing with your competitors and the cost per click to your site varies. It depends on the competition in the niche and the number of advertisers. You can “bid” for higher positions and show your ad more often, but this would mean that the advertising budget will be used up faster.

For the purposes of the advertising campaign, an advertising budget is set per day, which is dynamically optimized according to the competition. This is done in order to achieve the maximum number of clicks for the minimum amount. For example, if your daily budget is GBP 50 and the cost per click is GBP 0.20, you can expect 250 visits per day.

How long does a campaign last

In the first few hours or even days, the advertising campaign “learns” how to be more useful to you. In most cases, this lasts for about 2-3 days, after which the cost per click decreases significantly. If you frequently stop your campaign for a few days, the ad bot “forgets” what it learned and has to readjust to your ad. It would be good for the advertising campaign to last at least two weeks so that you can see real results and not feel deceived about the effect of the advertisement.

For longer campaigns, texts and images can be changed to maintain interest in your brand.

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