Social networks have become a daily routine for millions of people around the world. The reasons for use are different – communication, business, entertainment, and others. For many, identification with the concept of “social networks” is limited to Facebook. Of course, it is among the largest, but there are many others – Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, VKontakte, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and hundreds of others. Some are specialized, like LinkedIn, and others are just for fun and bring together people with many different interests.

We know that the power of social networks is great and the fact that many businesses neglect their own sites at the expense of their social network page or profile. However, for your social profile to be relevant and interesting for visitors, you need to regularly update and maintain interest. At Creative Idea, we can help you develop your profile/page.

Facebook pages and profiles

Facebook is probably the biggest social network in the world. It is so extensive that an ordinary user can easily get lost in the sea of ​​variety. Considering that Facebook has a special algorithm that monitors the information that is shown to users, it is very possible that your posts are not reaching your followers. The Creative Idea team has experience working with both large and small Facebook pages. We can manage your posts, comments, even messages.

Instagram profiles

As part of the Facebook group, it's no surprise that Instagram also has millions of profiles. Its concept of a photo-sharing social network makes it particularly attractive. It was Instagram that gave birth to the concept of "web influencer", with which a number of native popular personalities boast. Your Instagram profile should be interesting, with regular posts and useful to your followers. Keep in mind that on Instagram it is possible to have a high reaction rate even with few followers.

Twitter profiles

Although not as popular as in the USA, Twitter is one of the leading social networks worldwide. The limited number of characters per post and the ability to "retweet" a post make it suitable for quickly conveying information aimed at generating interest.

LinkedIn pages and profiles

LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals. It is something in between a site for job ads, trainings and Facebook. It is especially popular among IT professionals and is home to hundreds of HR professionals who even use it to recruit specialists. Here you'll find thousands of businessmen and managers of all stripes sharing their know-how and posing as gurus on all kinds of professional topics. LinkedIn profiles and pages rarely include personal information and are more focused on professional accomplishments and skills.

VKontakte profiles, pages and groups

VKontakte or VK for short is the largest social network in Russia. It, along with Odnoklassniki, are among the leaders in terms of popularity and interest among Russian speakers around the world. Combining functionalities from Facebook and a blog, it is extremely attractive to both the young and the more mature population. Creative Idea offers support for profiles, pages and groups in VKontakte, in accordance with the materials submitted by you.

Social media posts about your business can seriously tip the popularity scales in your favor. Regular sharing of quality information (interesting, important, entertaining) leads to the so-called “viral” effect of your brand. This means that after you share something, it is re-shared by other people and thus becomes known not only to you but also to the contacts of your contacts.

The more famous you are on social networks, the more SEO effect you will have. This is because search engines often update the positioning of sites based on how popular a site is on social networks.

Costs for managing of social profiles

By purchasing the “social network support” service, you can rest assured that your business page/profile/group is in good hands. We take care of adding information, and photo material, sharing links to your site, and managing comments and messages.

Social Package


200 GBP monthly
  • 12 posts
  • 7 positive posts
  • Analizing the results
  • Paid ads - 25 GBP
  • Social networks:
  • Facebook, Instagram

Social Package


330 GBP monthly
  • 20 posts
  • 10 positive posts
  • Analizing the results
  • Paid ads - 50 GBP
  • Social networks:
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Social Package


470 GBP monthly
  • 25 posts
  • 13 positive posts
  • Analizing the results
  • Paid ads - 80 GBP
  • Social networks:
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Social Package


690 GBP monthly
  • 35 posts
  • 20 positive posts
  • Analizing the results
  • Paid ads - 130 GBP
  • Social networks:
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, VKontakte

Social Package


1050 GBP monthly
  • 45 posts
  • 25 positive posts
  • Analizing the results
  • Paid ads - 250 GBP
  • Social networks:
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, VKontakte

All prices are in GBP and without VAT. When ordering for a longer period, negotiation is possible. When making an inquiry, it is specified whether you want support for all social networks announced as possible in the plan. In the event that a social network drops out, the price and terms can be negotiated. Prices are valid for one profile/page. With a subscription to support more profiles/pages, it is possible to negotiate the price.

The materials to be published are tailored to the client. Materials may be provided by the client and processed by Creative Idea. A schedule of work and publication is created, and the client can participate in its creation. It is desirable that only one person engages per page/profile. Creative Idea is not responsible for the results achieved when publishing materials by the client outside of the prepared schedule. Ads are used to promote posts and gain followers. Advertising media is not used to directly drive visitors to the client’s site. The advertising budget may be allocated at the discretion of Creative Idea and/or the client.

The support service includes online stores, personal sites, company, and corporate sites, blogs, forums, and others. The service is paid in advance.

Contact us in order to make sure your social page is properly maintained!

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